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CODE Hospitality launch ‘Happiness in Hospitality’ report for 2022

CODE Hospitality, the hospitality industry network, has released their fourth official survey of the industry as a place to work, for 2022.

CODE conducted their biggest survey to date, asking over 700 industry professionals why they work in hospitality in order to gain insight from one of Britain’s biggest and most dynamic sectors. 

The report draws on topics such as diversity and inclusivity, pay, staff retention, career progression, and the perception of hospitality as an industry. CODE also called on industry experts to provide analysis, including Hawksmoor co-founder Will Beckett, who provides the foreword, restaurateur and broadcaster Asma Khan, and UKHospitality CEO Kate Nicholls.

The report also looks at the issue of perception surrounding the hospitality industry, comparing the views of respondents within the sector against the general public. The report found that people work in hospitality because of a passion for the industry, and that in the face of external pressures contributing to major staff shortages, the sector must protect low barriers for entry into hospitality roles.

The key findings of the report focus on three main areas:

PassionThe report found that people work in hospitality because they enjoy it, with 67% citing ‘passion’ as the reason they entered the industry.

BrandA company’s brand is its biggest recruitment tool. 42% of respondents said they were attracted to their employer because of it.

Inspiring the 25%A quarter of respondents are unsure whether they will still work in hospitality in a year’s time.

Created to reward, inspire, connect and educate CODE Hospitality champions the industry through our media platforms that provide networks, insights, resources and benefits for hospitality professionals.

“Hospitality has had a rough ride over recent years, but if we can keep focused on the main thing – businesses keeping their teams happy, teams keeping their guests happy, then that is the foundation for everything else. Happiness in hospitality is, quite literally, the most important thing there is.”

Will Beckett, co-founder of Hawksmoor

Adam Hyman, founder of CODE Hospitality, said, “We are pleased to have published our Happiness In Hospitality report for 2022. This year’s report looks at the reasons why people enter a career in hospitality and how operators are best placed to retain them. We hope that this year’s report gives an in-depth insight into the current situation within the hospitality industry, and encourages operators attracting new talent to celebrate these ‘hospitality magicians’.”

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