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Brad and Holly Carter move carters restaurant to Westlands UK in Evesham for the summer

The starred restaurant will move the entire team and experience to Evesham for a minimum of 3 months and the experience will be supported by Gusborne, the award-winning sparkling wine producer

Brad Carter has announced that Carters will be moving to Westlands UK, one of the restaurant’s key suppliers, in Evesham, close to Stratford Upon Avon and the Cotswolds, for the summer. Bookings have opened for July and August here.

Brad, Holly, the entire team and experience will be moving into one of Westlands UK’s glasshouses, surrounded by the produce that the Carters team use daily, from Wednesday 19 July until September 2023. 

Surrounded by living herbs, flowers and fauna, guests will be able to enjoy a unique 9 servings inspired by the area’s natural bounty and Carter’s ethos of ‘ultra-British seasonality’.

Designed by 2G Design and Build
Designed by 2G Design and Build
Designed by 2G Design and Build
Designed by 2G Design and Build
“We’ve always flirted with the idea of building a restaurant at Westlands UK with Director Will Boers. Every time we visited for inspiration days at Westlands UK, it always crossed my mind how good it would be to take Carters there, and now it’s a reality”

Brad Carter

Brad Carter, said, ‘I’m thrilled to announce we are taking Carters to an incredible location over the Summer at one of my key suppliers, Westlands UK Evesham. 

Having worked with Will and his family for over 13 years, showcasing all of their amazing produce and helping develop some of the products along the way – it seems so right to take the restaurant to them and create something completely unique and unmissable.”

Westlands UK are committed to sustainability so our responsibility is to support their ongoing mission of work – the menu sits at around 75% of produce grown in and around the dining space.For us, it’s a chance to be creative, think outside the box and take our plates to source – the menu here is complete sustainability – inspired by the herbs, flowers and plants of Westlands UK – in our usual style of complete circle, recycled cooking we will use whole shellfish, whole animals and seasonal fruits to create one off unique dishes for our time in the glasshouse.

Think of the warmth in the tomatoes plucked from the vines and the intoxicating smell in the greenhouse they produce. Expect edible flowers, herbs and plants picked and harvested by hand within minutes of eating them, experiencing the optimum texture, flavour and peak freshness of the products in the environment they grow.”

As a family-owned, multi-generational business headed up by Managing Director Martin Boers, Westlands UK operate as a team, with a thoughtful approach at every step of the growing process.

Will Boers, said, “We’re so proud to welcome the highly-regarded Carters of Moseley on-site here at Westlands UK. Brad and I have worked closely together for a number of years and feel this collaboration is an epic match; combining sustainably-grown produce with talented chefs in an inspiring setting can only result in amazing, innovative dishes.”

Carters at Westlands UK has been designed by 2G Design and Build. 


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